A 48 Hour video montage by Debra Gagnon
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The Providence 48 Hour Film Project 2009

Exhausted Providence Teams Submit Films

Filmmaking teams from throughout the Providence area successfully completed a weekend of filmmaking. Films were due on July 19th, and the last few minutes before the deadline saw filmmakers, operating on little sleep and lots of adrenaline, rushing to get their films in on time.


Sam or Sonya Needham, Addict

a coffee pot or coffee maker

Line of Dialogue:
"I'm pretty sure that's not right."

The teams draw their categories

Screening Groups

Group A

6 pence and a goat, Alex Hagen
80 Nights Productions, Darya Zabinski
The 989 Project, Nicholas Delmenico
Double Parked Films, Jamie Ryan
DV8 Films, Walter Vinci
Infinity Spot, Rajah Samaroo
Insane Cat Productions, Tommy Karner
Insidious Entertainment, John Connor Meikle
New Tribal Films, Derrick Bergeron
NGMmedia, Nicholas McGee

Group B

12 Gauge Pictures, Nicole Chudy
Front Runner Films, Tim Nelson
The Governors of Rhode Island, Arik Beatty
LTJFilms, Daniel Lee White
Morbidly Amusing, Kyle Cerilli
Open Door Productions, Liam Gallogly
Pburnt Productions, Kandace Cummings
Potential Trouble Source, Justin Marble
The Soft Fluffies, Trevor Holden
They’re Using Tools! Melinda Rainsberger

Group C

2 Cents Short Productions Dave Counts
Cougar Films, Chris J. Silva
The Crew, Nelson Reis
Jibber Films, Bryan McKeen
Mad Ned Productions, Ned Utzig
‘Niknud Stunod, Erin Megin
Noisykid + OpticSugar, Stephen Babigian
Sound & Fury Productions RI, Colby Blanchet
spanky & the king, ben crowell
Takeback Mortgage Films, Brad Braufman

Group D

Downcity Pictures, Allen Look
Fritter Films, Scott Saracen
Leon Chames Productions, Brian Chin
Lightning strikes twice, Aaron sandler
Mega Porker Productions, Christopher Simonin
Out O Site, Kenny Matias
Striving Artists Theatre Company, Mary Luzitano
Studio C205, Michael Vanderpool
Super People Deep in Symmetrical Media, Mel Pacheco
World One Productions, Jeff Hodges

Group E

Backflip Flight Area, Phil Wasag
Born Wednesday Films, Kevin Keough
FMP Studios, Kirk Angell
Green Life Films, Robert Malin
Incredible Machine Productions, Nathan Suher
Marshall Arts, Dan Marshall
New Urban Arts Films, Morgan Fagant
Post Road Productions, Ryan Hall
Tiny Penguin Films, Patrick Bosworth
Y2Kevin Productions, Kevin Issa

Group F

7 Around 2 Wrapped By 1, Matthew Morin
Atomicons, Adam Miner
Blaze Entertainment, Alex Zeidman
CinemaSolo, Bill Dyszel
DTF Productions, Nick Stevens
Firefly Media Productions, Kevin Mee
Mass Hatters, Gareth Mannion
Space Deli, Steven Tilley
Wax Idiotical Films, Kyp Pilalas