CONDO HELL is an independent feature horror film written, directed and co-produced by Amy Wade. Join Amy and friends for CONDO HELL's official premier on January 31st before they head out to L.A. for The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in February.

SYNOPSIS: A serial killer returns to his birth-home, and finds it is occupied by unsuspecting guests... A group of guests arrive at a beautiful, massive, intriguing mill in a small town in Rhode Island. The mill has been converted into condos. The prospective buyers settle in for what is supposed to be a "Welcome" party weekend, but the events don't go as planned.

CAST: Wayne Stemmler, Amy Wade, Gia Franzia, Kurt Phillips, Daniella DeVarney, Patty Isas, Mahta Sharif, Stephanie Wilson, Armen Harootian, Mary Reavey, Keith Palmer, and The HIGH ROCKS CREW.