Brotherhood Premiere Gallery 6-26-06


Governor and General Assembly Welcome Back TV Series

The Rhode Island Film & Television Office is very proud to announce that the critically acclaimed drama, Brotherhood, has been picked up for a second season. Brotherhood marked the first Showtime series to receive exposure on a broadcast network when its' corporate sibling CBS aired the pilot in primetime.

Robert Greenblatt, President of Entertainment for the premium cable channel Showtime, confirmed that an additional ten episodes will be shot in various cities and towns throughout Rhode Island early next year.

Steven Feinberg, Director of the Rhode Island Film & Television Office, welcomes the groundbreaking series Brotherhood back to the Ocean State, adding, "Historically, this is the first television series to be filmed entirely in Rhode Island. It highlights what a remarkable success can occur when city and state officials work in conjunction with the private sector to foster a healthy environment for creative talents to shine. The return of Brotherhood will provide additional opportunities for our talented and dedicated local workforce. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Showtime executives, producers, cast and crew for making our beautiful state their location of choice."

Last year, the General Assembly passed aggressive motion picture and television tax incentive legislation to bring more movie and TV productions to Rhode Island.

His Excellency, Governor Donald L. Carcieri signed that legislation into law.

"I'm pleased that Rhode Island continues to attract quality film and television projects like Brotherhood", Governor Carcieri stated. "The decision to film another season of Brotherhood in Rhode Island is a tribute to our state and to the efforts of our state's Film & Television Office. I hope this will be an example for other production companies who might be considering the Ocean State."

Speaker of the House William J. Murphy, who sponsored the incentive along with President of the Senate Joseph A. Montalbano, said, "It's great news that Showtime has decided to shoot a second season of Brotherhood in Rhode Island. The production was the first one to take advantage of the General Assembly's film and television tax credit legislation, which has been a tremendous success. The $300,000 legislative grant that was approved for Showtime has paid for itself a thousand times over in terms of economic development for our state. We welcome them back to film more scenes in our House chamber and offices."

"Showtime's Brotherhood was the impetus for the new film and television tax credits that became law last year," said President of the Senate Montalbano. "The producers liked the authenticity that came with filming in Rhode Island, but to film here would have been unaffordable without the tax credits. Since the incentive passed last year, numerous large and small productions have chosen to take advantage of the state's small size and big beauty, combined with the more competitive cost of doing business that has since been copied by other states. We in the Senate are extremely pleased that Brotherhood is being picked up for a second season, because it means more jobs and more opportunities for Rhode Islanders."

The Rhode Island Film & Television Office is currently hosting several productions, including the Warner Brothers/CBS television series WATERFRONT, the Focus Features drama EVENING and Walt Disney's romantic comedy DAN IN REAL LIFE.