The Rhode Island Film & TV Office is pleased and proud to announce that CBS will present an encore presentation of its sister cable network Showtime's critically acclaimed new drama Brotherhood, filmed entirely on location in our Ocean State, on Saturday, July 15, 2006 from 10:00 - 11:00 PM ET/PT.
The pilot episode of Brotherhood, which premiered on Showtime on Sunday, July 9, 2006, will air on CBS with limited commercial interruption and will carry a TV14-LV parental guideline rating. CBS will air a version of the program edited for Network broadcast.
Steven Feinberg, Director of the Rhode Island Film & TV Office, is delighted by the positive response the series is receiving from critics across the country and Canada. "Overall, the reviews have been outstanding. One recurring theme is praise for the City of Providence as an additional character, and the State's unique vistas captured by the show's lush cinematography." Additionally, he states, "CBS is clearly displaying tremendous support for this groundbreaking cable series. This is testimony to the terrific effort put forth by the talented cast, writers, crew and local citizens, as well as the visionary legislation enacted by Rhode Island's elected officials."
Robert Lloyd of the LA Times wrote, "Had they filmed it in Vancouver, Canada, as was originally planned, instead of Providence, it might have been just another not-quite-as-good-as-it-should-have-been series, but by whatever mix of intention and accident, things were done right, and they've produced a show that is not only addictive but excellent."