Death Force is the first feature film produced by the newly formed production company, 12 Gauge Pictures. 12 Gauge Pictures is an independent production company comprised of Rhode Island filmmakers, actors, and actresses that have shown their talent and dedication to the craft on past independent and big name feature films.

Death Force was written by Ricky Laprade and Corey Gomes and was directed by Ricky Laprade Ricky Laprade. Death Force was made through the efforts of the 12 Gauge Pictures team: Corey Gomes and Brinton MacFarland, Cinematographers; Nicole Chudy, Editor/Motion Graphics; and Chris Huntley, Production Manager.  Death Force stars  Shanette Wilson (Nun of That), Danielle Tellier, Courtney Jones (Manifest Breakfast), David Lavallee Jr. (Nun of That), Beekeo Levan (Five Minutes Flat), Brinton MacFarland, Christopher Gorham, Norman "Phokus" Iacuele, Michael Ferrucci, Jason Kashtan, Devon "Hype Holla" Walker and Scott Lefebvre.

Set in a hyper-reality post apocalypse, Death Force tells the journey of Tracey Liddell (Shanette Wilson), former agent of THE MAJESTIC TWELVE and her struggle to retrieve and transport PROJECT: DARKFOREST.

The Red King (Brinton MacFarland) has dispatched his most lethal agents, The Hydra (Danielle Tellier), The Cerberus (Norman "Phokus" Iacuele) and The Hanged Man (Christopher Gorham), to retrieve His property from Tracey, AKA Chimera.

The Soundtrack for Death Force was recorded by a group of extremely talented Rhode Island musicians including Dan Brown and The Brown Syndrome, Storm Davis and The Poorly Drawn People (2009 Providence Phoenix Hip Hop Act of the Year), Mic Cartier (Composer: Loose Change), Phokus (Three time HOT106 Freestyle Champion of the Year), Hype Holla (Featured on Sirius Radio's "Shady 45" with "DJ Whoo Kid"), DJ Smut Villain, Mike Simonelli, Andy Minty and Christopher Gorham.

Death Force will be premiering at the Cable Car Cinema, located at 204 South Main St., Providence, RI on Friday, November 6th  and Saturday November 7th with two showings each night at 9PM and 11PM. Death Force is not recommended for children due to it's language and violent content.

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