Rhode Island crew and vendors are listed in bold
Kas R. DeCarvalho, Esq.
C/O Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC
317 Iron Horse Way, Ste. 301
Providence, RI 02908
Phone: 401-824-5100
Fax: 401-824-5123
E mail: kd@PLDW.com
Web: www.PLDW.com
Joshua M. Gold, Esq.
121 S. Main St.
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: 617-856-8327
Cell: 401-864-4471
E mail: jgold@brownrudnick.com
Web: www.brownrudnick.com
Credits: $1Bn+ in closed film finance transactions, IP, talent, production and distribution law
Joseph Lamy
Entertainment Lawyer
127 Dorrance St. Lower Level
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: 401-228-7470
E mail: info@josephlamy.com
Web: www.josephlamy.com
Devon Landis, Esq.
Entertainment and Art Law Attorney
Phone: 401-396-9089
E mail: devonlandis.esq@gmail.com
Web: www.devonlandislaw.com