Actor/producer Wesley Snipes (The Detonator, Blade: Trinity), three-time Golden Globe® award winner Cybill Shepherd (Taxi Driver, TV's 'Moonlighting') and actor/writer/producer Mario Van Peebles (Baadasssss!, Ali) star is this quirky, stylized, fast-paced thriller with a touch of social commentary about three seemingly disparate stories that converge in an explosive climax: our first duo, an infamous ex-con and gangster 'Lucky' whose attempts to capitalize on his second chance in life as a socially conscious, law-abiding citizen are thwarted by a series of misadventures that propel him back to life on the run and thrusts him into an unlikely love affair with 'Angela,' a feisty, tough-talking Latina pole dancer; our second duo, an oddly matched couple, 'Cass' and 'Chang' who find new and twisted ways to mix their deadly business with pleasure as the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde of serial killers; a couple you wouldn't want to have over as houseguests; and, our third duo, 'Rainn' and 'Roland' a couple pondering their own moral compass about success, failure, love, and life. The three parallel story lines with these very different people from diverse walks of life converge in an exciting crescendo where each character has to play the cards that life has dealt them to the best of their ability. And in the end, one day becomes the luckiest day of an unlucky man's life.