Rhode Island crew and vendors are listed in bold
Priya Banerjee, MD
Forensic Pathologist and Crime Scenes
20 Manning Dr.
Barrington, RI 02806
E mail: autopsymd@gmail.com
Cell: 401-252-1319
Web: www.anchorforensicpathology.com

Carol Anne Costa
C2 Communications
E mail: carol@c2approach.com
Web: www.c2approach.com
Phone: 401-647-5297
Phone: 401-378-0817
Specializing in providing authentic courtroom, jury, cellblock and courthouse scenes

Direct Action Group
Frank Moody
Phone: 401-640-8214
E mail: frankmoody@verizon.net
We provide professional expertise to insure
authenticity for your production.
Credits: Brotherhood; Technical advisors for Underdog
Gerard H. Donley, Esq.
Criminal Defense Lawyer
1 Turks Head Place, Suite 503
Providence, RI 02903
E mali: donleylaw@cox.net
Phone: 401-943-9977
Cell: 401-477-6060
25 Years Criminal Law Experience
Enright & Associates, Inc.
John J. Enright, President
Security Management and Consulting Services
Phone: 401-289-2414
E mail: enrightassoc@cox.net
Web: www.enrightassociates.com
31 years of specialized law enforcement expertise to insure film content authenticity. We also provide consulting services for Celebrity secuirty.  Please access our website for further information.