On Set Teachers & Tutoring
Rhode Island crew and vendors are listed in bold
Herman B. Brewster
Tutor, MAT English
146 - 4th Street
Providence, RI 02906
Phone: 401 - 331-6930
Cell: 401-644-1443
E Mail: hbrewster146@gmail.com
Credits: Measure of A Man; Anastasia; NOS4A2

J. Jordan Cannady
Cranston, RI 02910
Phone: 401-569-2774
E mail: jjordancannady@gmail.com

On set teacher providing full education
RI Certified Secondary Education English teacher
I will monitor and take care of the educational needs and welfare of your minor actors.
Credits: Over/Under; The Junkyard Dogs; Chosen Family

Carol Anne Costa
Scituate, RI
Phone: 401-308-3318
E mail: carolannecosta@gmail.com
Web: wwwc2aqpproach.com
Credits: Tell Tale
Bill Fritzmeier
Math tutor, elementary – grade 10
Wakefield, RI
Phone: 401-741-4743
E mail: billfritzmeier@cox.net

Pam Mason
23 Everett Ave.
Providence, RI 02906
Phone: 401-270-9806
Cell: 401-787-5851
E mail: pamist05@yahoo.com
Certified On Set Teacher providing full education

Maureen Nosal
M.Ed. Reading, Certified Reading Specialist
Providence, RI 02906
E mail: Maureen_Nosal@brown.edu
Phone: 401-272-2679
Constance Swift
903 Kingstown Rd.
Wakefield, RI 02879
Phone: 401-783-2594
E mail: crswift@cox.net
On set teacher providing full education
 RI certified secondary English/Drama