What is the benefit called?
The Motion Picture Production Tax Credit
How much is the benefit?
30% of state certified production costs incurred directly attributable to activity within the state.
If the benefit is based on "location spend" what exactly does "location spend" mean?
State certified production costs means any pre-production, production and post-production cost that a motion picture production company incurs
and pays to the extent that it occurs within the state of RI.
Does local spend include the following?
Foreigners working in RI? Yes.

Finance Fees? No.

Bond Fees? No.

Per diems? Yes.
Eligibility - who can access the relief?
A state-certified production means a motion picture production approved by the RI Film & TV Office and produced by a motion picture production company
domiciled in RI, whether or not such company owns or controls the copyright and distribution rights in the motion picture, provided that such company has
either a signed viable distribution plan, or is producing the motion picture for a major motion picture distributor, a major theatrical exhibitor, a television network
or a cable television programmer.

How does the mechanism work and what is the process?
The company submits a completed initial application and supplemental material as required to the RI Film & TV Office.

The RI Film & TV Office reviews the application package, assigns a unique identifying number to the production, sends a letter to the company certifying the
production and places them in the queue.

When the production is completed in RI, the company submits separate packages consisting of the final application and a cost report, state certified audit in the
form of an opinion, a letter of good standing from the RI Division of Taxation, and other supplemental material to the RI Film & TV Office and the RI Division of Taxation.

Upon reviewing the final application and material, the RI Division of Taxation will issue film tax credits.
How certain is it? (ie: are the criteria objective or subjective?)
A transparent policy is in place and is predictable.
What percentage of the film has to be shot in this country/state and what percentage of the spend needs to be spent here?
The film or television production needs to be shot primarily in RI, meaning that 51% of principal photography must take place in RI. A minimum of $100,000 needs
to be spent on the ground in RI.

Documentaries that do not film their principal photography in Rhode Island are eligible for up to $5M in tax credits if they spend 51% of their final production budget
and employ 5 individuals in the State OR 51% of their total production days, including pre- and post-production, take place in Rhode Island.
Which countries/states does this country currently have co-production treaties with?
The USA does not have any co-production treaties.
Are there any limitations?
There is a $15M annual cap. There is also a $7M cap per project, which can and will be waived for qualifying motion picture and TV productions.
Where do the funds come from?
The tax credit is a credit against state taxes.
Who decides?
Steven Feinberg, Executive Director of the RI Film & TV Office and the RI Division of Taxation.

What are the audit requirements?
An independent, state certified RI accountant must certify the audit and render an opinion. The RI Division of Taxation will then conduct their own, independent audit.
If an official co-production is required, what are the conditions for obtaining co-production status, the co-production guidelines and what are the tax consequences?
A co-production is not required.
When will the money be received?
Credits are typically distributed within 90 days after the final application and supplemental material have been approved.
Is there a "cap" on the amount available, both on a film by film basis and in any fiscal year?
There is a $15M annual cap. There is also a $7M cap per project, which can and will be waived for qualifying motion picture and TV productions.
What is the current sales tax rate (%) in this country/state?
Is sales tax recoverable and if so on what?
If sales tax is recoverable, when can the production company expect to get the sales tax back?
It is not recoverable.
To what extent will cast and crew traveling to this country/state be taxed there? (ie: what is the withholding tax regime like, national insurance contributions,
social security charges, etc.):
Traveling into the State of RI counts toward the production costs.
Traveling away from the State does not count.
Are there any other taxes or costs that producers should know about? (ie: corporation tax on the production company, etc.):
Are there any additional incentives or other advantages that producers should know about when considering bringing a production to this country/state? (ie: free or reduced location fees, use of police, etc.)

What productions have recently been shot in this state?

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The Bible’s Buried Secrets (Documentary)
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Education of Charlie Banks (Feature)
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For more information contact:

Steven Feinberg, Executive Director
RI Film & TV Office
Telephone: 401-222-3456
Fax: 401-222-3018
Hotline: 401-222-6666
E mail: steven.feinberg@arts.ri.gov
Web site: www.film.ri.gov